Be your family's caregiver and get paid

The family caregiver program with InterMed Homecare provides financial and educational support for you to deliver care at home to your senior or disabled family member. 

You may be eligible for financial compensation if:

  • You live with the person as the primary caregiver
  • You are related biologically or through marriage
  • The person you care for is eligible for Georgia Medicaid and enrolled in the CCSP or SOURCE waiver program
However, spouses or legal guardians of waiver participants are not eligible for compensation.

As a family caregiver under our program, you will receive:

Do I qualify to provide care in my home as a family caregiver?

To qualify for payment as a family caregiver you must:

Who can receive care in my home?

The person you take care of must meet the following criteria:

What daily tasks will I do as a family caregiver?

Being a family caregiver means providing assistance to your family member with daily activities to help them live a healthy life despite their age or medical conditions. As a family caregiver, you must be able to help with the following activities and more:

What are the benefits of being a family caregiver?

How do I enroll as a family caregiver?

Contact us to see if the family caregiver program is the right fit for you and your family member.

We will review the program with you and check if you and your family are eligible. 

Once you and your family are approved for the family caregiver program, you will become a member of our caregiving team and the primary caregiver for your family member. 

You will receive regular payments for your caring services direct-deposited into your bank account. 

If you have any questions about the family caregiver program or require further assistance, please contact us. 

We will provide you with all the information and guidance needed.